Place Mats I made for my home.  I used a meander
stitch on 2 yards of fabric, then cut them out.
Quilt made by Rita of Fremont.  Used a repeated floral pattern.
I made these quilts for my husband's son Brandon and daughter Jamie in memory of their mother Jeannie.
Butterfly blocks.
Oak Leaves and Acorns.
Vine leaf border and stitch in the ditch.
This is one of my own quilts using a Heart Pattern and Stitch In The Ditch.
Quilts On The Vine
(Photo Gallery P1)
Quilt made by my sister Jan of Sacramento Block Pattern in stars
Flannel Quilt.  Front used a block pattern, stitch in ditch and leaf border in sashing.  Back shows leaf pattern.
Meander all over quilt.
Leaf border with rose pantograph.
Longarm Quilting
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